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  1. Hey all. I started making lots of How To videos on my YT channel. Origami and Drawing is what im at right now. I will do more if my channel goes well. I have 16 subscribers and if you sub it would help me know people are liking my videos and all.
    So When ever I make a video I will post it here for you all :)
    Link to my channel:

    How to fold a cootie catcher

    How to to create your own color with Oil Pastels

    How to draw abstract art

    How to fold a fast paper airplane
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  2. How to fold a fast paper airplane

  3. Next how to basic? :p
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  4. How to be superman

    How to tie your shoes

    How to kill a potato

  5. No.
    EDIT: Oh, good. You deleted it. But still, you had the thought... ATAAAAAAACK!!!!
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  6. It was a joke for someone on EMC. I had it but then deleted it because it was not THAT good. I mean I did kill the potato and it went flying and also well. Yeah
  7. could this be choong?
  8. Yes, on my YouTube art thread. He/she got mad at me since in part of it I am shooting a potato
  9. Thank you all for getting me to 22 subs. I will be doing another How To soon. (Maybe with a friend doing How To Survive a Zombie Outbreak)
  10. You were going to kill me
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  11. Yessssssssssssssssss
  12. How to kill a zombie