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  1. Hello everyone. I made a book store at 3380.
    I make books and sell them at reasonable prices. Each book is either 25 pages. 45 Pages. Or a giant one that will take quiet a while, is 95 pages! I have not decided what to price them at. I will let you guys decide below.

    My books at original and I am not taking anyone's ideas. If I somehow am, please contact me on the site via PM.
    I hope you all will like my Book Store, and I hope to see you there!

    Books made so far: NEON
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  2. The Book NEON is done and in shop.
    I will also have stands for other peoples books that they can sell :)
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  3. Lowered Prices
  4. I would like to know what NEON is about before I read it.
  5. It is about a normal kid and his friend Zoe who find a special rock, and the kid gets powers and a group of FBI called ESG try and get him and stuff.

    I have also teamed up with CinderStream, and I will be doing a lot of Joke books, riddle books and stuff like that. If only they could go more than 50 pages! The first Joke Book is done, I need to copy it before I sell it though!
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