Demon and MasterMockery's Smp2 Project

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  1. Hello all. I never made a thread yet but now I will. We started together at the end of last summer. We are still doing it. The res is 3660. We have used tons and tons of supplies, Rupees. And also lots of Quartz. We are making the top which is Town Hall and it is made out of Quartz so far. And Gold/Diamond blocks + Glass. After we finish the top of the res we will add extra stuff to it so it isnt just a big white blob. The whole entire under of the res is Dug out with TNT and Shovels. It is 10 block above Bedrock and to the surface so no annoying fog. The under is going to be a huge and awesome mall for everyone to buy stuff from. It will be kept stocked all the time and yeah. It's awesome.
    This whole project will take a while so we ask you if you want to donate any items/rupees you can to me or Mockery. There is hoppers near the fountains down the stairs from the main building. If you donate rupees. Donate them to me at the moment because im the one who mostly buy the stuff that we build with and Im online the most. So yeah, Picture time!
    (And the piggy is not MasterMockery. Just some random guy at my res :p)
    2014-01-06_11.16.50.png 2014-01-06_11.17.20.png 2014-01-06_11.17.31.png 2014-01-06_11.17.38.png

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  2. That piggy is Ultimamaxx. :)
  3. I know lol
  4. Thats not my res
  5. I know that, it's your partners.
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  6. I recommend giving credit to who originally built that statue, Eclipsys, and give him the credit he deserves for making the awesome design.
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