Demon And Cordial's Horse Supply!

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  1. Hello Once Again
    I Would Love To Announce Cordial And My Horse Supply Time.
    We Have A lot Of Horses Of each type In Stables! All you Gotta do Is Type In the
    Order Fourm -
    IGN -
    Type Of Horse -
    Price -
    Deadline -
    Please Pick Up Your Hose At 3600 Smp2. If you are wondering Why The Horses Are Not There it is Because Cordial Would'nt Let Me Use Her res for it :l
    :p Each Horse for 200r As That Seems The Normal Price Atm

  2. Do you guys sell mules by any chance?
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  3. We Might If this Gets Out there ;)
  4. Ok, If you guys decide to sell mules, I'll take two. :p
  5. Can I request a horse with specific stats?
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  6. Sure
  7. Ok...

    Type: Gray with Big White Spots
    Price: 400r
    Deadline: 3 days from now
    Stats: Speed at 105% and Jump at 85%. At least 11 hearts (22 hp)
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  8. 11 hearts is 22 hp.
  9. Thanks. I'll edit that in now. It's noon and I just woke up. ;)
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  10. IGN - Jrlizard
    Type Of Horse - White Whitefield x 5
    Price - (200r Each) x 5 = 1000
    Deadline - July 31st AKA Tuesday
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  11. Ok Me and Cordial Were On Smp3 Getting Some More Horses So She Blew Up :p. Thats Why I could'nt get to you before. Ill get started right away!
  12. New Rule -
    Only 3 Orders At A time.
    No Custom Stats Also. Only for Penguins Order Right Now.
    We Might be able to Later if this goes really well.
  13. We are now also selling Mules and Donkeys
  14. Your Order Is Ready Meet Me and Cordial On 3554 Smp2 Right now :D