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  1. Hi, Well I never really made one soooo, Ask me anything.
    If A few people reply I might turn this into a giveaway :D
  2. How good are these poems?

    There once was a Hued Manatee
    Who came from Tennessee
    It once fell off a rock
    hit it's head on a dock
    And plunged right into the sea.

    I don't know how to write a poem,
    I hardly even know 'em.
    I can't write a limerick
    this won't be a picnic
    Oh wait. I just wrote a poem. :p
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  3. Now, Now,
    How does thy worth increase over time?
    Knowledge spreads and blooms,
    But, family around us decease.
    Panic builds, Gloom lives,
    Plague roams, until, we, appease.

    ~ I wrote this one.... I get a bit deep at times...
  4. Well do you like potatos?
  5. Earth and dirt beneath me.
    Give me life, hold the light,
    Trouble surrounds me.

    Fire and Flame around me.
    Give me strength, capture the fear,
    Trouble backs away.

    By sea and the rivers,
    Give me new courage,
    for if Trouble dies,
    I'm the last one standing.

    ~again by me.
    What do you think is the best thing to write about in poems?
  6. Do you like Iron?
    Do you like farms?
    Do you like cheese?
    Will you reply?
  7. What is your least favorite animal (if you say hamster Jack will murrder you)
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  8. Wow your good :)
    A bit
    Yes I just did
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  9. Thanks :)
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