[DEMAND] Stained Clay?

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Stained clay?

Yes please 8 vote(s) 72.7%
Who the hell needs stained clay 3 vote(s) 27.3%
  1. Just wondering whether it would be worthwhile opening a clay business.

    I can offer all 16 colours as well as hardened clay.

    Is the interest there? And what is a fair price?
  2. I've seen shops sell the basic colors (those gotten at mesa biomes) for around 4r each piece.
    The other stained colors would be the 4r plus the 1/8 the cost of the dye color. (Blue being the most expensive).

    Don't know how 'accurate' this is, but at least those are the prices I have seen on smp7.
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  3. Are they usually in or out of stock?
  4. I would suggest doing stained everything because. You might get lots of sales with stained glass;)
  5. I hear sales are hit and miss. A big project comes along and wipes them clean. If there are not that many projects, sales are slower.
  6. I would be sure to buy from you, I'm always buying out all the shops with clay...
    My res's main material is stained clay, so it would be great to have a new source for it :D
  7. how much for 9 stacks of hardened clay?
  8. Not sure yet, i'll open a new thread later listing all the prices, as this was just an enquiry wether the demand was there. Seems like i could get something out of this though, i will definately take a shot at it.
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  9. I'd buy stained glass from you in a heartbeat. I'm one of those big projects that needs several DC's
  10. We actually have a business beginning me, salesman200, and kissthenerd And we will do this kind of thing! You can apply here!
  11. If you ever open this business I may want to order 27 stacks of cyan clay.
  12. I would order so much hardened clay, just regular. O_O
  13. I found a new suitable area just yesterday, i'll see what i can do. I want to stock up first, but if you need clay find me in game i will sell the basic colours for 3r/4r per piece and the other colours (those not in meta biomes) possibly 7r/8r