Delta Team: pre event Tombola

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  1. Dear fellow Delta Team Members.

    Tomorrow (Sunday) 11am GTM-5 before the group mining, there will be a tombola at my res ( SMP3 6017) sponsored by myself ;)
    The main Prize you can win will be an awesome diamond pickaxe with unbreaking III
    because we all are awesome :D

    there will be more tombolas before other events, but at most 2 per week.

    now, the rules:

    • ticket prize: 200r for each round (has to be transfered to Copherfield before the event)
      the rupees are meant to be used for the Guild.
    • main prize: enchanted diamond item appropriate for the event
      for example: mining event: pickaxe, shovel
      hunting event: sword, armor, bow.
      the enchantment level will be lvl 20-30, so please don't expect any silk touch picks ;)
    • max available slots: 8 ( the first 8 who send Copherfield the money will be in. I currently have only 8 slots, so be aware of this. everyone who is not among the first 8 will get on a waiting list. if someone who paid Copher isn't showing up the next on the waiting list will have his chance, so please come to my res on time :). everyone who paid but couldn't get a slot will be refund his money of course.
      So please make sure you are on time or your slot might be given to someone on the waiting list.
    • max rounds: 1 (8 players)
      2(4-7 players)
      3(2-3 players)
      4 ( 4 rounds are only possible if only 1 person is participating)
    • everyone has to be on time to play
    • during the tombola, use the local chat "/ch l"
    • please don't pay at last chance before the tombola :)
    • Copherfield and myself won't compete in the tombola, of course ;)
    • Delta Team members only!

      So, the less people the more rounds might be played. Be aware, that each round costs you another 200r but your chances of winning will raise
      win chance: ( 100 / numberofplayers)
      the main prize will be won during the tombola. So you are guaranteed that one of the participating people will win it ( except there might be only 1 player, playing 2 rounds , and not winning it during the first 2 rounds. but not playing the 3rd and, or 4th round. But this will be stupid, because you WILL win after 4 rounds max! ;)
      everyone else will win a little consolation prize. But please dont expect any other diamond or enchanted stuff ;)

      the following grafic shows how many slots will be active in which round according to attending players.
    explaining the graphic:
    there are at most 8 player in the game which also means there will be only 1 round at most.
    if there are less then 8 players, there may be more than 1 round depending on the number of players and in what round the main prize is won. It may be won in the 1st round though.
    for 4-7 players there are at most 2 rounds, 2-3 players at most 3 rounds. 1 player , if he has no luck, there are at most 4 rounds, but he will have a 100% winchance for the main prize. he just may have to pay more ;)

    My reason for this: Less player = higher chances to win. But without more rounds, it would mean less rupees for the guild. to compensate this, we have more rounds with less players.
    on average we will gain
    # of players
    8 : 1600 rupees
    7: ~ 1400 rupees (2800 at max)
    6: ~ 1200 r
    3: ~ 825 r
    1: max 800 rupees, average 500
    i hope i haven't miscalculated :)

    each round costs another 200r
    as seen, the amount of active slots, will be halved at most each round. this is for us to provide a not too dramatic decrease in income with less people.

    example: first round : 7 players
    the main prize is in the only stall no one was in. chacnes of this to happen are 12.5%
    everyone who wants to be in the second round will have to pay 200r again, but there will be less slot machiens active this time. that means, if all 7 are paying and are in the second round again, only 7 slots are active, so the main prize will be won by any one of these 7 ( win chance ~ 14.29% . this applies for 4(25%) - 7(~14.29%) players in the second round. So, if there are at least 4 players in, at the second round, the Main prize will be won. But, there will be 4 slots active at minimum the second round if there are only 3 or less.

    i hope you all are coming and will enjoy this little tombola :)
  2. Ok so how do I enter?
  3. This sounds very interesting, but I'll have to read all of it when I'm on my laptop and not half asleep xD
    I'll probably come! :3
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  4. Send Copherfield the ticket prize of 200r and PM us both pls. if possible
    sounds more complicated than it actually is i guess :) but i tried to describe it as detailed as possible
  5. Well ill pay cophefield :)
  6. but pleasse remember: if there won't be 8 people and nobody wins the pick in the first round, you might have to pay another 200r during the tombola. if you want to continue :)

    i really hope, i described it good enough, so that everyone understands how it works :)
    if not, please le me know and ask here in the Thread.

    an I'm glad you are in. I hope more will come :D
  7. SO this is a slot game?
  8. Kind of. but Delta Team only ;)
  9. to give u guys a big sneak preview of what it looks like. and to give u a better idea of it :)
  10. I checked the game myself, you have (by paying 200r) 12.5% of chance to get an unused unbreaking III level diamond pickaxe :)
    Also, those 1600r will be used to buy some matterials for the Delta Team HQ and to set the donation chests :)
    Please participate on this one guys, it will be awesome! :D
  11. yeah, we need more to participate. don't give Squizzel that pickaxe without any competition :)
  12. I'll try to come by early and enter the event. Dang if I can figure it out other than we are the mice in a race. :confused:
  13. :p it will be awesome, i got 3 people on it already :)