Delta Team And Empire Guild, Merge.

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  1. Delta Team
    Joining The Empire Guild

    The Delta Team, and it’s members are willing to merge its guild with the Empire Guild, this following text show’s more information about this.


    The Empire Guild members will now be part of the Delta Team, the resources at The Empire Guild Vault will now be part of the Delta Team vault, as also the staff will be merged. The Delta Team HQ will now be available for the Empire Guild Members, also they will get a chest at the vault.


    Tshack will now be Senior Vice President of the Delta Team, and will receive all the benefits of it as also will be completely ranked over Delta Team Players.
    Tshack will NOT be kicked unless: 70% of the players agree AND copherfield agrees.
    Tshack CAN NOT kick any player without consulting copherfield.
    Tshack CAN NOT give any official communicate without confirming with copherfield
    Tshack HAS power as a SVP over the Delta Team Players
    Tshack HAS right to a room at the Diamond rooms.
    Tshack HAS right to know about everything and anything inside Delta Team Walls.
    All the Empire Guild Members will now be treated as a Delta Team member and will receive same benefits.
    Copherfiled WILL be the number one in command and will have the last word over everything and anything.
    Empire Guild Members can now join the official website

    We, (IGN) David Copherfield and (IGN) Tshack235 agree to this concept and conditions.

    Delta Team Owner and Founder
    Yup, we now love each other! Welcome Empire Guild Great Family!
    please add me on skype (copherfield), follow me and register at our website (if possible please fill a membership form) !
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  2. im happy we could do this copher.
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  3. I had talked to squirel or what ever and filled out a form but never got a reply of if im in delta or not.
  4. No offence copher, but I don't think Delta team is big enough to have any say in a merge, I think we should get more members first... Besides whats the point of joining with them? Thats like having two football teams joining, then theres no fun :D!!
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  5. Sorry, i didn't know about that. I'm personally checking that for you :)

    EDIT: I just checked it! Welcome to the Delta Team :)
    Your signature request is in line, sorry for the inconvenience but please understand i'm full of work right now ;)
  6. Actually, the idea of it it's because we got enough members to have a word with them.
    Also, they have more experience than us in *living in the wild* and they wanted to figure out how to have a good relation with us.
    I believe having friends is better than enemies, idk what you believe.

    BTW: You have been pretty inactive with us, i never saw you registering at our official website, never saw you having much words about our threads, etc...
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  7. Please spread the word with your peeps :)
  8. HECK........ The more the merrier! :D Welcome aboard EG members.
  9. Im glad that the delta and empire members are happy! :D
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  10. Please notice: whoever is NOT registered at , and has not filled the membership form WILL be kicked from the Delta Team (max. till Sunday next week) also, please remember that all the empire guild members are now part of the DELTA TEAM.
  11. Sorry, but there's something up with my computer and I couldn't register :S, Ill try to fix it and do it soon
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  12. Yeah you are :) its just we are making the Badges and I have been ill the past 2 days :/ and I'm sorry for my late reply :(
  13. I love your Godzilla Avatar. Man.... I use to sit up late and watch those movies. :D
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  14. Thanks man! I wish I had a custom godzilla skin though.... that'd be cool.
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  15. I will put up to votation with the active members soon tonight, tshack235 is a person i believe no-longer should be part of the Delta Team. I personally tough he was a good boy, but tonight i got intel information from a very respected "clan" or "guild" if i may call so, i believe his actions are not correct and he should not represent in any kind the Delta Team.
    I got confirmation from a document which i trust was written by trustful members and even moderators.
    i thank this guild (i won't name it for security reasons) for the information.
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  16. why does everyone believe bitfed! nobody knows the full story, if everyone did, almost all of EMC would believe me!

    i am having everything taken from me because of what bitfed is saying about me!
  17. I believe of an important information i recieved from EWF, specially because even moderators are part of it.
    Also, this isn't something only i would be part of, this will be a call of the whole Delta Team.

    I hope this isn't truth, because if it is you should have never even be part of the D.T.
  18. it isnt the truth, i have done nothing wrong and nobody is trying to help me what so ever.
  19. Okay, i was offline when this happened (partied to hard) but i got on to find buildings where they shouldn't be but i wasn't fussed about that.

    I was told by others in the EWF that you decided to bring someone into Newland without consulting the rest as we are a group. From what i was told all they asked you to ask the group next time then you got hostile (i may be wrong here.)

    After this went on for a little EWF gave you many chances to apologize but you refused. You were asked to leave Newland which i can't see why you just didn't something to do with Pride perhaps?

    You would not leave which then had to bring in the moderators (which shouldn't of gone this far) and we had to put signs everywhere because of your actions and disclosing our location was another golden rule broken.

    The question is why did you not just leave when asked? why did you go on?

    I wasn't on so i cannot judge fully but i've played with Bitfed almost straight after i joined EMC and hes not lied to me once, always told me what the goes is, same for everyone else.
  20. i dont wish to say something like this on a thread, but will everyone stay out of this?