Delta team 2.0 teaser and release date!!! :O

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  1. Here is a teaser from my book series Delta team 2.0. Enjoy :)
    It turned around, and they got a good look at it's face. It was a maggot filled, bloody face only a mother could love. He spotted Lily, screamed, and ran towards her. Since Lilt had no defense, she started to run, but Cal caught her and said, "Get behind me." Lily got behind Cal and he pulled out his pistol and shot once. It hit the thing in the chest. It kept on running. "Wha???" asked Cal. He shot it again, It was hit in the head, and it crumpled to the ground. "What the h*ll was that?!?!" Exclaimed Cal. Lily started breathing heavly, then said "He's going to release a zombie virus on earth."
    Also, when Eldron2000 finishes his library on smp5, the book series will be avaible to READ there