Delta Team 2.0 QnA

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  1. As of today, i have released my book series, Delta team 2.0. If you would like a copy, Pm me in the fourms, telling me ur res #, and a chest i can place the books in :)
    Also, i know i will get questions about my series, so, if you have a question i have not already answered, please post it in the comments, and i will answer it :)

    Q: why isn't there much action in the series?
    A: I do not try to pull my readers in with war and violence, but i try to make them have feeling for the Characters of the story through thoughts, actions, responses to various situations, and Romance.

    Q: Why do you censor the Cursing in the series?
    A: some little children might be reading it, and i don't want to get in trouble writing a book with cursing. Also, it might be offensive to some other people

    Q: Why don't you use the names of real guns?
    A: some people might not like guns, and might not know what an AK-47 is or a desert eagle is. So i just stuck to names everyone should know :)
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