Deleted starter items...

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  1. So although I play minecraft regularly, I haven't really played on other servers and such, so naturally I have no idea what I'm doing. I didn't exactly fully read *cough* all the instructions to the extent that I guess was necessary. Long story short I clicked some random wool that would take me to another server, poof I went...and so did all of my starter items.

    I'm not horribly broken up about it because, well...I don't really "need" them. It was just nice to have some back up stuff.

    Curious if there is a way to reset the tutorial or something to get them back.
  2. If this happend a few minutes ago; type in chat /server smp7
    you will probably be back on the server with all your items.
  3. or smp6 whatever server you started on
  4. You only changed server, your items are still back on that server. Go to the server you did the tutorial on to get your items back. You can use the vault to take items across servers if you would like. More about the vault and its features on the Wiki listed with the other categories at the top of forums :)
  5. Issue is fixed, Zero found their items, and vaulted then :)
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