Dektirok's Public Farms

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  1. Hi all! I figured with the farms I have that are public I would condense it all into one thread!

    Across my residences I have set up several farms that are free to use for the community!

    Below is a list of all the residences and their corresponding public farms!

    • Large scale Pumpkin Farm: 10359 SMP5
    • Large Scale Cactus Farm: 10359 SMP5
    • Flower Forest Farm 10358 SMP5
    • Horse Breedery: 10284 SMP5
  2. Cactus/Pumpkins

    I've had a free public cactus/pumpkin farm on smp5 for a long time now, I figured I would let the rest of the EMC world know.

    If you ever need cactus and/or pumpkins come to SMP5, res# 10359.

    Step on the appropriate telepad and help yourself. These farms are built for mass quantity so take as much as needed.

    I just ask that no one monopolizes the chest for more than 30m at a time.

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  3. Flower Farms

    Come on down to SMP5, res# 10358! I have a public flower farm set up!! All you need to do is bring your own bonemeal!

    How to use!
    1. Insert bonemeal into bonemeal chest.
    2. Go inside farm
    3. Make sure to stand on the wooden steps
    4. Flip Lever
    5. .....?
    6. Profit

    I repeat, make sure to stand on the wooden steps or you WILL fall through the ground.

    The residence is a flower forest biome with one section that is swamp. Yes, you read that right, you can get Blue Orchids here too.

    If you wish to donate any of the flowers you get, or any bonemeal, or any dyes, there is an access chest in the room with all the chests. Feel free to dump any extra in there!

    If you have any issues operating please contact me via PM or in game!

    Again, I ask that no one monopolizes the farm if someone is waiting. General rule, if there is a line, take no more than 30m per farm please.
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  4. Horse Breeding

    Why buy top end speed horses just for breeding when you can breed others horses for the chance of getting your own! Come on down to SMP5, res #10284 if you want to breed higher end horses!

    • 2 sets of 131+ speed horses
    • 1 set of high jump/high HP horses
    • 1 set of donkey's
    • 1 corral for mules (horse is 131+)
    Bring your own golden carrots, or I sell them downstairs in the supply shop!

    The flags are set T for breed and eggify. You can no eggify horses owned by another person so feel free to wave that stick around!

    As always, please be considerate of others, if there are other people waiting, be courteous and let them have a go.

    If there are any issues please message me via PM or in game.
  5. This is really awesome! I wish I knew about the flower farm about a week ago. Hey do you care to add sheep shearing of any kind to this list?
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  6. Well, you can go to /v +woolmart to do that, so I'm not gonna bother with it.

    I have plans to add a few other farms though, like an Ice farm, villager farm, etc.
  7. omfg this is sooooo awesome. Deleted the ninja post that you loved so much ;-)