DeJaja's Mall Official Thread SMP6 12039

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  1. Introducing Dejaja's Mall on SMP6 @ 12039!

    We've been around awhile (since FEB 2012) but I'm just getting to making a thread for it now!

    Mall has 10 floors

    1st Floor (White): Raw material blocks, wool, food, and spawn eggs

    2nd Floor (Yellow): Building materials, nature and farming goods, and mechanical items

    3rd Floor (Blue): Enchanted Items, Mob drops, Ores, tools, transportation, and misc items

    4th Floor (Red): Auction pick-up rooms and music shop

    5th Floor (Cyan): Kayepur's Shop (Opening SOON!)

    6th Floor (Light Blue): Vacant for expansion

    7th Floor (Orange): Vacant for expansion

    8th Floor (Lime): Vacant for expansion

    9th Floor (Pink): Vacant for expansion

    10th Floor (Green): Vacant for expansion


    We sell AND buy %99 of the items in the game and are well stocked! Look around or ask me if I'm online, you'll find what you're looking for here! Kayepur's floor will be opening in the future and check back to see if other shops have opened on the other floors or if we find another creative use for the space. If I'm not online and something is out of stock, just let me know via pm or next time I'm on and I'll do my best to accommodate you.

    And be sure to check out the 60x60 Pixel Art above the mall (visable via Livemap or rei's minimap) as well as the memorial statue of Konglooey84 around the side of the building.
  2. Nice! I'll make sure I check it out!
  3. Is it possible for Miner Co. to have one or two of the vacant floors for our Miner Mart smp6 franchise? It is ok if it is not possible. I am willing to may up to 5000r. maybe more.