....deifying gravity

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  1. now any other time i mine, and i hit ONE block of something, and an entire desert falls on me, and THIS right here, has the guts to float like dirt and any other normal block?!

    this, is complete blasphemy!
  2. haha great find!
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  3. Wow this is great. Some bugs in MC I don't want taken because they give us sweet stuff like this. Also you should build a house on it.
  4. I can't, I got up to it, as soon as you touch it every part of sand that isn't being held up by something falls >.< haha
  5. Weird.
  6. like sage's res on smp8
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  7. Whatever you do, DO NOT UPDATE IT!
  8. Update what?
  9. Do not update the blocks. If you place blocks near it, it will update, and fall.
  10. Oh, well yeah. I figured that out already lol
  11. Now if i could only replicate this i wouldn't need all those torches >.<
  12. Wow show me this next time we are both ingame :D
  13. This isn't on emc.
  14. Oh ok read my post on your other boom one. :D