Defeat Momentus For meh 1st Time~ (and got lucky!)

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  1. Da Moment of Luckiness! :D
    Okay so recently (yesterday) I beat Momentus! :D So I went into the Frontier cause I didn't know what do to in town, then it said "The Ground Shakes Nearby" And I'm like "wut?" Then I realized that was Momentus cause I saw him. cx But then I realized he was stuck in a tree and he wouldn't attack me cause he was having trouble and all I had to do was shoot em' then I got a bunch of valuable/cool things such as Dragon Stones a Zombie Head..(Pretty Useless cx) and Shiny Flesh. Also some tokens! :D It was very fun now I'm trying to find the Netherhound, and Marlix. :D
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  2. You got lucky! He keeps killing me! Teleports me to him and calls his minions (a bunch of mobs) that all attack me at once. I keep loosing all my stuff! Now he's following me around haunting me.
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  3. I prefer Marlix, and netherhounds don't drop much.
  4. I love to kill the Momentus! His drops are amazing and you have a chance on getting his toothpick which is SO cool! =P

    Best of wishes on finding the other minibosses!
  5. I faced momentus so many times and earlier today once I logged on in the frontier there was a momentus on my house and kept teleporting me every time I re-spawned after dying.
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  6. I remember the first time I ran into nether hounds, I was a noob to emc and mc still so I had leather armor in a nether environment, and a pack of wolfs (which turned out to be hounds) and they killed meh. (That's why I hate nether XD.)

    As for Marlix and Momentus I've seen lots of them in the past month. Today in fact I was helping out a fellow player on smp5 who needed help. I got meh gear and killed the momentus in 10seconds flat :p

    Then I asked if he wanted to mob hunt with me then while we were out in the waste we found 3 marlix and a momentous.

    If you ever wanna get together sometime and hunt with me about me a pm ;)

    (Just a heads up marlixs are fast so bring swiftness potions, bow, arrows, a and such :) )
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  7. First time I saw momentus was like:
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