Dedication to EMC by Twitch1 and asasin318

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  1. This is not hosted on EMC but on asasin318's private server. He found a ton of inspiration as a member of EMC and has built a very nice server. I am not going to share the IP address as I am not here to advertise his server. I just wanted to share with the community what he have built in honor of all that is EMC. :)

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  2. Let me be the First to say you did an awesome job. Congrats hope you have fun.
  3. We both had a blast building it. I was having a little nuke test on my private Tekkit Server and asasin318 returned today so we played a while there, destroying the land down to bedrock. After a while it got boring and he asked me to come stop in to check out his 4 month project. It is absolutely beautiful. He made me admin so we could have some fun and this is what we came up with. :)

    He says that without EMC, he would never have built his server and he wanted to show his gratitude. :)
  4. Read your PM's shortly.
  5. Cool Twitch! Also read my pm. :p
  6. haha pm's MUAHAHAHAHAHAH :) thanks a million twitch. :)
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  7. No problem. I enjoyed it.
  8. This is epic! And just to be one of the masses, i'm pming you :p
  9. or pm me........
  11. is this a legit build or creative?
  12. Legit because it took 4 months to make. Now if it took him 4 months to build that in creative
    Well You know..
  13. well its more half and half i did it legit for A LONG TIME then i kinda umm cheated lol
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  14. Oh So you did it legit and creative?
    Trust me no one has that patience
  15. This is awesome.

    Also, Twitch, check your PM's. You won't find anything from me there, but do it anyway.
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  16. Big sign.... Woah.
  17. yeah legit and creative
  18. i feel so special when popular people look at my stuff :D
  19. haha, you are absolutely right. Nothing from you in there at all. :)
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