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  1. My friends and I have recently decided to start a dedicated server of our own (I will NOT say the I.P. or the name of this, no matter what), but we have a problem. The problem is: We can't get ranks to work. The ranks on our server are kind of like the ranks here on EMC, but there are more and they come with more benefits. Currently, the only ranks we have are operator and normal player, but those are default with every server.

    My question is: How do we add our own ranks with special permissions for each rank?
  2. you need a ton of different plugins and Craftbukkit.
  3. We have CraftBukkit.
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  4. Well, I think that you will need to get Buycraft for the easiest setup... you will also need a web site to host it.
  5. Can you list the plugins needed for this?

    Also, when you said website, do you mean like this one, or like Host Blaze, which allows you to get a dedicated server?
  6. A website like this one to HOST the shop that people buy from. Buycraft comes with all of the programs you need.
  7. Once I have Buycraft, how do I set up the ranks?
  8. Bump. I still need a little help with this.
  9. I'd recommend that you use Permissions Ex to manage your groups. It's far better and more extensible than group manager. Buycraft is a donation plugin and it can be used to manage donations, I've personally never used it as I usually use a custom built system.

    I also believe this thread is in he wrong section, and would likely be more suited to the general minecraft discussion section.
  10. Seeing as I asked for help in this, I think I put it in the right area.

    I actually was looking for a donation based rank system, because the server we're making is being paid for.
  11. Well I am yet to find a donation system that also manages ranks and vice versa. Are you using a XenForo website for this server, or another piece of software? Xenforo built in donation system can be fairly easily linked to your server by someone who knows how.

    But at the end of the day, you're going to have to use a separate permissions/groups management system and donation system.