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  1. Having a new found fondness of making things that no logical human could ever decode, I have decided to make this thread. Every week, there will be 3 new things to decode, of Laughable, Average, and Incredible difficulty.
    Prizes for this week:

    Laughable: 1,250r, 1 step Completed by Foodenator
    Average: 3,750r, 2 steps Completed by Catwarrior7
    Incredible:10,000r, 5 steps

    The first part is related to web design and is used frequently in my posts.
    For the second part, Z is the highest value letter, with a value of 206,555. A has a value of 1. Everything else falls between there, with a pattern. The sum of the letters decoded from Part 1 will leave you with a 4-5 digit number.
    The three numbers from Part 2 must be broken into four separate numbers, twelve in total. The numbers are not linear to each other, and forethought must be given to the 4th step as to how each number fits together for the decode.

    You can only chose one, and I will send the code to you via PM. You can chose to forfeit and select a different difficulty once per week, but the difficulty you forfeited will be locked. Further instructions will be included with the code, and every day a code goes unsolved, another hint will be added for it.

    The code is in the message, and if you haven't found it in the required number of steps, you may have missed something. :)

    Time limit of 7 days, ending on 9/10/2012, 2:30 PM.
    Have fun.
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  2. I'll take laughable.
  3. I will take a stab at Incredible
  4. Incredible me. I could use some mental stimulation.
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  5. Laughable please sir.
  6. May I please have incredible?
  7. Laughable please. :)
  8. Laughable please. :)
  9. Average, my good sir.
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  10. I'd say im pretty average.
  11. Laughable Please :D
  12. If I send you the wrong difficulty on accident, I am very sorry. :(
  13. Average please
  14. laughable please
  15. Please may I have average. Thanks
  16. I'm scared already...
  17. Laughable Please!!
  18. So many conversations... :D
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