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  1. As the title says, I am asking for the community to decide what we need. I am a Smp5 player always have always will be one. I own the res # 11300 and decided to let the community to decide.

    I must include that if its a smaller genre the stock will be much larger and cheaper than if its a mega mall scene, put that into consideration. I appreciate all comments, and opinions.
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  2. Geez, 9 hours in and still no responses? Guess I’ll just give some feedback. This is a pretty cool idea, and I think, and after getting feedback from another player I think it would be good if you made a Concrete/Terracotta shop. I’ve noticed for a few shops it feels like stock is pretty low, and they’re one of my favorite newer building blocks introduced in Minecraft. Of course if that’s what you think you can do.
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  3. That sounds like a swell idea, Bump!
  4. Cobble. LOTS OF COBBLE!!!!!
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  5. So a stone shop?
  6. ^ That's probably what he means.
    I know every shop has one, but a wood shop too. You should also put up a section for the new 1.13 items coming out, like an ocean themed section. I guarantee you'll get some buyers from that.

    Also, will your shop have a bulk buy quantity or not?
    BTW I think it's pretty cool you're coming to the community to help decide what to put in your shop :)
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  7. Yes that's why I said I recommend smaller shops like strictly 1.13/oceanic It would have high bulk because I wouldn't invest my time in all categories rather than just one. I actually like that idea A lot as I already planned to stay in the water a lot and I could do some Pre-1.13 prep perhaps selling Cyan shulkers I would call "1.13 explorer's Kits" that could be used to fun production.
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  8. Yeah a wood shop would be incredible. :D
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  9. Hmm so theres a lot of mixed answers. I like to see that there are many aspects still demanded.
  10. I totally think you should go with that cyan shulker idea!! It sounds very creative, it could be like a starter chest for the 1.13 update :p
  11. I like the idea myself, since the update hasn't been launched yet there is only so much im able to do and I could always use the funds from the "starter kits" to fund my other projects or the shop itself
  12. I decided I will take Foxy_Kitty's Idea for the premise of the Shop but eventually include Phoenix and Toade's Ideas later on after the update.
  13. Wood stone sand lots of sand a million dcs of sand
  14. Draining oceans are you?
  15. I know a place that always has it in stock =)