[DEBATE] Windows vs OS X

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Windows or OS X?

Windows! 4 vote(s) 57.1%
OS X! 3 vote(s) 42.9%
Both! (Please state reasoning) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. So a while back we were arguing the above title, and someone said "Windows doesnt care about security." I was just reading about the Flashback virus in Maximum PC. The Flashback trojan allows the hackers to remotely access any infected computer. It took advantage of a java issue. "A patch for the vulnerability was released for Windows in February, but Apple didn't address it until malware had taken root." According to the magazine, over 600,000 Macs were infected. So, it seems like the statement about Microsoft not caring is void now, and the same for the rumor of Macs being hack proof.

    So, which is better, Windows or OS X? This is not just about security, so include everything. Please use facts and not rumors:)

    My opinion? With an unlimited budget, macbook for portability and battery life:) Windows system on a custom desktop because of more programs, more hardware options, more games, and a lot easier to upgrade:)
    But i tend to be more of a Windows person:) let the debate begin!
  2. Dude this argument got the fail troll thread closed! >:O
  3. Brb *Makes xbox 360 V PS3 Post*
  4. I would say mac. Not because of specs, but because of design an intuitiveness. If im ever looking for inspiration on anything I just look at my mac...brushed metal and white plastic...
  5. How about we act like civilized adults and have an actual debate? Not one thats like " omg windows sucks macs ftw".
    That post made by louiskw is civilized:) no trolling at all!:)
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