[DEBATE] Lapis Supporter

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Traynfreek, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Despite not needing another supporter group, i came up with this anyway:
    This supporter group would go in between Iron and Gold.

    Price: $8
    Name Color: Pink
    # of Res: 2
    Sign-in: 550r
    Auto-Daily bonus: Yes
    Reserved Slot: Yes
    Supporters Forum: No
    Supporter Chat Channel: Yes
    Hide From Map: No
    Custom Res Message: Yes
    Utopia Res/Wild: Yes*
    Use TNT: No

    *Res only
  2. I think we already have enough supporter levels. If someone can afford iron but not gold, then they should get iron. I don't see a need for any in between levels.
  3. Why would you take away assets that iron supporters have? Such as hiding from the live map.
  4. That pink looks more like admin purple.
  5. Someone could just use two accounts, buy this supporter, and get the same residential benefit as diamond without paying as much.
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  6. its a 5 dollar difference really i mean if u want it you buy it
  7. lapis Supporter but yet u get a pink name
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  8. It adds other things that AREN'T available to the iron supporters, but to gold supporters.
  9. One question, Did you read the FIRST SENTENCE???
  10. Yes, I did read the first sentence and your whole post. I was just stating my opinion and elaborating on it which is which is what I thought you wanted me to do seeing that you put the word "debate" in the title.
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  11. Wait, either I'm reading this wrong or you are suggesting someone pays more for less Perks than an Iron member.

    You really need to think these things through better. Map Hide is one of the most attractive Perks of Iron second only to always getting a space on a full server.
    Why become a Supporter and not be given access to the Supporter Forum? Why pay money to not have /hide, but the guy paying four dollars less has it?

    That's a really backwards suggestion you've got there. Sorry, but it is.
  12. Put something between Gold and diamond, and you may have an idea there.
  13. Agreed. Just pointing out, it keeps the system of the supporter increase benefits. Iron gets 300 more than regular, Gold 600 (300*2), Diamond 1200 (300*4), and Lapis 450 (300*1.5). That's good for me, because I couldn't stand if it was 300*1.66666667
  14. I just think a pink name for lapis why not dark blue (&1)?