[DEBATE] Black Mesa or Aperature Science

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Which is better?

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  1. Valve. Since Half Life ever first came out on a heavily modified game engine from Quake called GoldSrc (Gold Source), Valve has created games that have been critically acclaimed by reviewers and gamers around the United States and if not the globe. I have played most games by Valve (An Exception of L4D and Day of Defeat, and the 2 half life spin offs which were Blue Shift and Opposing Force) and 3 have really hit me hard, Portal, Portal 2, and Half-Life. I have gone the extra miles and found Portal's alpha and re-skinned my portal to look like the Alpha. And I got an authentic copy of the Half Life Alpha Files. Over the past few days I have been addicted to Half Life, HL's mods, and Black Mesa. And sure, Half-Life 3 might or might not be releasing, but I do not care.

    Enough of my Rambling. Let me get to the debate. Portal and Portal 2 is home to Aperture Science. A large, abandoned science laboratory, ran by an AI, GLaDOS, or Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System. And Chell, your main character, has to go through 19 test chambers, and escape from GLaDOS. And you are promised cake at the end.

    Half Life's first game takes place in Black Mesa. A research facility used to test various materials and toxic wastes. As Aperture Science did, it was decommissioned. Due to what you might ask? Well I won't spoil it for you. Unless you want to the here is a spoiler.

    As Gordon Freeman, a 27 year old theoretical physicist, pushed a crystal into a large beam. It causes a resonance cascade, causing a portal between Earth and Xen. The crystal, as you learn, was elaborately replaced by G-man.

    People all over the internet who are die hard Portal and Half-Life fans have been debating which laboratory/research facility is better, larger, and more action packed. This debate is between Brain vs. Brawn. FPS vs. FPP. And Black Mesa vs. Aperture Science. I will let you guys decide.