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  1. Am i going to die if i was in the wilderness??
  2. when the server shut down??
  3. No you will be fine as long as you get back.
  4. Syndicate nice!
  5. no u will be ok
  6. No, when you log back in you will find yourself in the same position in the wild, the time of day may have changed, but that is all :)
  7. if it's night time when you log back in, you might die shortly after :)
  8. If you're in a location Minecraft deems 'unsafe' to place you, it will generally move you to the nearest 'safe' location. Which may be in a pool of lava. :(
  9. Wow, that is extremely nice of minecraft, you dont often find thoughtful software such as this :rolleyes:
  10. ...which is why I always keep an 8 min fire resistance potion in my quick-use bar! :)
  11. I died before I could move.
    Minecraft spawns you about 10 seconds before it allows you to move ;)
  12. :(
  13. ahahaha thx for everyone telling me that i won't die and i didn't (i didn't fall in a pit of lava either lol) and yes thunder syndicate is awsome
  14. do you watch his minecraft lets play? i have watched it since episode 1 in august lol
  15. Yeahh, this thread is starting to drift off topic. I suggest closing it?
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Thread Status:
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