Death or Rupees

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  1. So i have hired 5chris100 to work on my res with me and he decided to afk. So i trapped him and am holding him ransom. All i need is 1.5k (the money i payed to hire him) and i will safely let him go. If i dont have the money y the 25th i will execute him with lava. Here are some picks to prove that i have him trapped. 2012-12-23_22.48.20.png
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  2. What server is this on?
  3. Let him die!! :mad:
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  4. Wow is he really hated this much?
  5. Apparently... I did not realize this! Good luck Chris! :eek:
  6. I have recieved the from a classified client and i have released him
  7. Someone paid you one point five thousand just to false him?
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