Dear whoever griefed my mob spawner <3

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Frodomann1, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Thank you! While repairing the damage you did I stumbled across a design flaw and actually increased the output of my spawn by 250% xxooxoxo from frodomann1
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  2. u better use the heck out of it there gonna come back and probally destroy it
  3. As long as it wasn't you.
  4. nah i would never do that i have my own
  5. Lol that message probably just made it worse .........
  6. You feed trolls by responding to their actions... I hope this isn't further attacked but I say find a way to monitor it from a distance and catch them in the inevitable act.....
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  7. Set up a program that will take a screenshot of the live map every 5 mins when I am not on. If they grief it I will know.
  8. Howcome?
  9. Well if they are not a supporter and they are not supposed to be there I will narrow it down a lot. If that member is on I will log on and catch them in the act.
  10. Good luck, I seriously hope you catch them as I am ready to smash any and all proven griefers and rule breakers with my ban hammer.
    I greatly dislike people who have only malicious intent in their personality and decide to attack any wonderful peaceful community such as ours here on EMC.
  11. When I first joined EMC there were no greifers at all :D Now the community has declined a bit.
  12. Wrong. We have grown, which attracts griefers. ;)
  13. And they have leaved mainly because all the diamonds, the big buildings and etc are at protected squares where they can touch. :)
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