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  1. A friend of mine and I want to start selling things on ebay to see if we can make it in that arena. Kinda a, why not try it, kinda thing. Well, I have two large bags of comic books sitting here that's just going to be thrown out, but I figured, maybe some of them can be sold for, anything really. Before I go through them and post what they are, is anyone here knowledgeable in the world of comic books that could tell me if they're worth anything more than the paper they're printed on, if I post titles, issue numbers, etc.?
  2. Did you try Sheldon Cooper? He knows all about comic books. No kidding :p
    I don't really know anyone who knows anything about comic books :)
  3. D: If I wasn't broke I would buy those. Have you tried local comic shops?
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  4. I'm pretty good in that sort of thing. My uncle collected comics, and I've read and researched all of them. Hit me with a couple, such as Superman and those that may be more rare.
  5. From what I know, if they are VERY old, no matter how good or bad they are, you can get some good money from them.
  6. Normally I'm anti-doing that to people in communties, but that actually brought me to exactly what I wanted this time.
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  7. You could've at least charged him some rupees for that link. :p
  8. I see what you did there..
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  9. Knowing Ed, he probably didn't know what he did there. ;P
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  10. Lol well i hoped it didnt come off rude haha but it just fit sooooo well i couldnt resist
  11. I dont even know what he did thr...
  12. I don't know whether to feel offended or complimented because I still am not sure what I did there. So I guess you know me pretty well. :)

    [edit] Oh, something about Zelda. Yeah, I've never been much of a gamer. I played all the Zork games before gaming was cool. I had the original Nintendo and the Super Nintendo. I now have a PS3 and a Wii, but hardly ever play on either of them. I've played quite a few games on the computer like Age of Empires (and most of its sequels), Civilization (and some sequels), Spore, World of Goo, and a couple others. But I quickly get lost when people start talking about most games.
  13. Old does not equal value. Age is a factor but condition and subject matter are also considered. Also PandasEatRamen is right sell them to your local comic book shop.
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  14. Leave it to the Hylian Ninja to take this thread over... Hi Ninja :p, How you been?
  15. What i know is this: If the comic-book is a popular/known one and its from 1-50 of the first ones they have value. My old teacher told me once that he was collector of old comic-books, and he had paid around 174USD per for 5books. (That was a popular serie of comic books and very old)
  16. Most of these seem to be from around 1998 - 1999.
  17. I think they are a bit "new" to have a decent value. Look at the number they have, if they have a number from 1-50 and if the serie is popuplar you might get a decent amount of money for them :)

    You could also go to a collecter store and ask how much they are worth :p
  18. Hey ICC

    Yeah, I know quite a bit about comics and I have some friends who are good at pricing . You could PM me details of what you have and I could do some research and let you know.
    I'll do it for free but of course, if you've got something like Amazing Fantasy #15 (1st ever appearance of Spider Man) I get dibs! :D
    Just kidding of course, but sure thing, if you need help, I might be able to provide it
  19. I saw 'Dear Nerds' and thought Oh, yes! This is me! Sadly, no. :( I'm not much of a guy for comic books.
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