Dear Esther

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  1. So I just picked Dear Esther really cheap during the Steam sale. Has anyone played it yet, I really wanted to discuss the game with somebody. So far I have only played it through once. Feel free to post spoilers.
  2. Eeryone dies, including you!:p
  3. Off topic: The grammar Nazi says "Everyone not Eeryone."
    On topic: I am not so sure of that.
  4. Its a good game BTW
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  5. I was thinking, who are "you" supposed to be anyway?
  6. Its a name in "Dear Ester"!
  7. I don't think you are playing as Esther, she died in the car wreck
  8. Dude u see the JK in the post XD
  9. That wasn't in the post at first. You put that in later.
  10. Heheheh...
  11. It is a great game. Not very long. I'd say 1-2 hours. More like an interactive movie. The steam deal is great. Just got it for 2€ for a friend as gift.
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  12. I've only spent about half an hour with it but it's very interesting. I was a huge fan of the Myst series growing up and, apart from the lack of active problem solving, it very much has the same atmosphere.

    That's spelling, not grammar.
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  13. I haven't heard of it (says the guy with a PC that lags minecraft)
  14. I was wondering what you guys took from the story it seems to me that...
    ... the narrator fell in love with Esther Donnelly after reading a book she wrote about an island. Then there was a car wreck involving the narrator, Esther, and Paul Jokoban (I probably spelled that wrong). Esther and Paul died and the narrator goes to the island, that Esther wrote about, to find transcendence. He finds none so he climbs to the radio tower and jumps off. Only then he finds transcendence.
  15. Touche.