Dear enchanters....

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  1. Well, most of us are enchanters. And obviosly enchanters can make lots of money. But that is about to change once 1.3 comes out. Due to the top level enchantment being level 30 and you can always get it, the values will plummit. What I am planning on doing is selling a bunch at one time as a package. That way you can make close to what you would usually make before 1.3. I suggest you do this. Don't worry, you can still sell them to people who are lazy and don't want to get the xp.
    Good Luck
  2. Im auctioning off a double chest full of enchants tonight. ( like 30 minutes )
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  3. Thats what I am doing right now :) got more coming after my auction is lower....Attention anyone who is lazy and doesn't want to collect xp take a peak at my auction you may like it
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  4. I'm hoping some enchanted items won't loose it's value, but increase it with time. With the new enchant system it's impossible to get efficiency V on tools or Power V on bows, so any 'old world' enchanted items with these soon to be impossible to get properties I'm hoping will gain value in the months to follow.
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  5. I really doubt that they will "Plummet". Sure, the price will go down a little, but not a lot. It will still be the same few people enchanting and selling the most.
  6. Yea, im stocking up on all Eff V tools and Power V Bows. Hoping to wait a couple months and get 100k for one a piece. :p