Dear Artists, I need you

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by synth_apparition, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. So yeah, as the title explains I need some artists. I'm making a game, and I need artists. I'm not really good at banners/posters, i'm just good with game art and pixels :p So yeah, you can read what I need right here. I just don't feel like typing it all up again :p
  2. What kind of picture(s) Im only kinda good at drawing cartoonish pictures
  3. Exactly what i'm looking for :D
  4. You're making a game 100% from scratch? What will it be about?
  5. I've been making games 100% for 2 years now :p Just never sold them and they've all be on a now inactive page on a different website.
    The game will be a sort of Tower Defense thing. You build your own kingdom, with a guard wall around it, and then you make iron mines, farms, and stuff until you're ready for battle. When you have enough weapons and armor, you can then click options and go to war. This gives you another 500 coins. You'll also be able to import and export goods such as food and weapons...

    I don't know, i've just got some basic things down right now and i've barely even scratched the surface on the coding (just testing and stuff). I have no idea if i'll also add some hack 'n' slash in there or not.

    So yeah, i'm looking for art submissions for the website. The winner gets a copy of the full game when it comes out :)
  6. I wish I could help but I'm not good with drawing or.. anything. I like this types of games :)
  7. sounds awesome!