Dear Aikar

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  1. Dear Aikar, would it be possible for you to follow me? I gave you a follow. Oh and how's the world domination thing going?
    By a brick. <3 :p
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  2. Oh shoot me lol. This is the mailbox for Aikar. Please send all PMs to him by using this thread. Make it not serious but funny and goofy :p (just something fun to do xD)
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  3. Uhh wonderful strategy brick. :D
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  4. I was actually intending to follow you, but not now!
  5. Dear Aikar, please make Netherhounds as crazy as they were during your live stream a few months ago. Also please do another live stream in the future if you can :3
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  6. D: I am so hurt right now. ;3
    Oh well, I'll just keep breaking my residences...
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  8. xD I can't do it to him, He'll break my rupees.
    lol. ;3
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  9. SASSAYForgetting somebody? ^.^
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  10. How does one break a residence?
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  11. Wait let me try da sass.
    Aikar I think your code is nice ;)

    Oh um.. I uh.. It's complicated.
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  12. :eek: *grabs popcorn*
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  13. Totally off topic but did you no my current name was not intended?
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  14. xD Just be glad my arsenal array of weapons is down whilst Aikar is present :p
    He be like "Yo what up dawgs, I am sassier than smooch, so y'all need to worship da code bro"
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  15. In a perfect world I would get a follow from aikar too. To be honest i bout that this is a productive way to get a follow.
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  16. Gonna end something like this
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  17. Sadly... :3
    My lyfe is ruined.
    *jumps off cliff* YOLO
    Dear Aikar,
    I will give you the key to the city of Brickington. It's in your imagination. ;3
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  18. You know brick if you ever start a city with that name it would sound so cool i would sign up the first day.
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  19. <Insert One Does Not Simply Meme Here Because I Can't Do It Myself>
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  20. I thought it was muffinton
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