Deal of the Year! :D (Must View)

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  1. Come to my res 8888 at smp4 and have a look.
    I give all flags to the player hwo gives me a diamond pickaxe upgraded in:
    Must have this:
    Unbreaking III
    Fortune III or Efficiency V

    It can also be Silk touch.

    Some glitching with my computer does that i cant upload my pics, but just go to res number 8888 at smp4 and have a look.

    I will tell the player who gets the flags in 1 week from now on :)
  2. I have an unbreaking 3 pick
  3. Why would we want ur flags wats there
  4. Michael, go and see what blocks that are on my res, there re for an example 1 stack of Lapiz Blocks.

    Terr: Maybe you could have the flags if no-one else, give me any other bids.....
  5. K but i have more up my sleeve also ;)
  6. i hate myself for selling that pick...
  7. if me and my friend give you one could we both have rights?
  8. Ive got some good picks i wont be home for 3 hours so make sure its still open
  9. Brandop, you guys probably could if the pick is very good :D

    Michael, you got 1 week; chill .... :)
  10. Oh k cool
  11. are u taking anything or is every thing there fair
  12. I wont take anything from my res when you got the flags there :)
  13. So every thing that is there now will be there?
  14. I am gonna have a little shelter for myself with a workbench and some stuff like a furnance.

    And yes, everything that is there now, is gonna be there : )
  15. Ok when does it end
  16. Probably tomorrow, or in two days : ) Michael, congratulations with Diamond Support : D
  17. But there is one thing i havent said yet, my res will be reset or something like that in 2-3 weeks : ) / : (

    So you got like two weeks if you got the pickaxe and you are gonna have the flags :D
  18. k i made an enchantment but it was an unbreaking III so ill offer u that and a eff I pick plus the coordinates to the strong hold on smp6 (first to find it :) )
  19. I have efficiency 3 unbreaking 3...maybe if you want it? for the flags?
  20. u should accept mine fast before others find the strong hold
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.