Dead Island

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  1. I was wondering if anyone else has played Dead Island. It is so much fun. The Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising games have nothing on it. The combat is very realistic, and instead of there being hundreds of zombies all over the place, they put just a few so that you will only ever face at most 56 at a time, and it takes multiple hits to kill them. All the different weapons you can make is awesome, and in a way it reminds me of the Dead Rising way of making custom weapons. It also takes the different types of zombies that Left 4 Dead introduced, and you can definitely see influence from Left 4 Dead in it, but it is unique enough that and incorporates the right parts of the best zombie games out there, so that it became the best!
  2. I want this game so bad. What do you play it on?
  3. I play on Xbox 360! I had to go to a dozen different stores before I found a copy, and when I did, I learned that they only had 6 copies and only one other store in the city had a single copy, and that was all.
  4. Oh cause I want it for pc and I'm looking for people to coop with....
  5. I wanted to play it, but haven't yet. Glad to hear you liked I was wondering if it was going to live up to the hype.
  6. Do you have it and if so is it for pc?
  7. No I don't have it, if I get it I will get it for 360, my preferred place to play games :)
  8. I'm completely happy just watching the Yogscast play it. Zombie games in general do not interest me, and Dead Island looks like such a bad port with a plethora of bugs. Not to mention some animations are simply ridiculous, such as jumping.
  9. I love the Yogscast and anything they do!
  10. Those bugs are only for the PC version, which was not ready to be released when it was. I have seen no bugs at all on my 360 copy. It is very fun!
  11. Dead island is an amazing game i got it the day it came it love it love it...and @Ausqb not as many bugs as one would think or glitches as well very good game....zombie games have lost their luster to me but dead island is where it is at for zombie survival.
    PS.i got in on the Xbox 360
  12. I have Dead Island for the 360 too. The game is very enjoyable. However, the game can be a bit glitchy.

    Excelent Zombie Game
    Good Ranking & Perks System
    Open/Free-roam World
    Excelent Multiplayer System (3 friends and you beating zombie heads in)
    Huge choice of weapons and fighting styles

    Game does not have a save button (you have to use a glitch to save the game)
    Inventory does not always save (I have lost quest items that cant be replaced or redone)

    This can be interpreted as a con or a pro but there is also "item duplication"

    Overall, I find it is a good game to have in between games, if you know what I mean.
    Also, Is it worth the $60? If you like zombie games, Absolutely!
  13. i guess i am lucky have never received any glitch issues aside from a few death glitches(walk into room graphics freak out and you die). the game auto saves so i have no clue what the post above me means by no way to save...just make sure it auto saves b4 you hut it off or leave a game
  14. I've...never heard of this game. I'll check it out though, it sounds like my type of preference.
  15. not to be an ass but do you llive under a rock it was only advertised about alot...hyped up alot etc etc
  16. No...? I just don't spend my life on video games 24/7.
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  17. neither do i but was all over tv and the gaming scene for months and in the magazines for a year or so,so that is why i asked....and plus i don't got anything better to do till january thus games for me :/