Dead Island. Thoughts????

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  1. Hey everyone, today I'm talking about one o my fav games , dead
    Island! What do u guys think about it?? Please tell! And if u have xbox live tell me ur gamertag, maybe we can kill zombies together!
  2. Loved it immensely for a short period of time, such a pretty game, and the beaches look so appealing, aside from the zombie parts and blood everywhere :p
    Got bered of it after 2 weeks though unfortunately :(
  3. Well it took me 2 weeks to finish, then I started
    Again. Then got bored. Shaun do u have PS3, xbox, or steam?
  4. It's is quite pretty! :) but imagine it with normal people, if there was a point where it was normal people , I'd probably kill them all screaming ZOMBIEZ!! DIE!!
  5. I have PC, xbox 360 and wii. Both consoles are packed up in cupboard in their box, they just cant compete with PC for games unfortunately.
  6. Lol if u get out ur xbox, add me as a friend on live? Ima Mr Smiley99
  7. Will do, if i even remove it from its box. I still use xbox 360 controller on PC for games such as Assassins Creed/Fable 3/Dead Island though. :)
  8. You can do that??? Nice! How? And look forward to getting ur friend request. :D BTW, do u have dead island on xbox? And add me on steam zombieslayer13
  9. Do you have halo reach or MW3 so we can kill aliens and people. pm me if you do
  10. Oh I have mW3 but nay lag... Just add me Mr Smiley99 xbox live
  11. You can buy a 360 controller kit for pc, it is a proper xbox controller and a USB reciever to recieve input from controller. I even have all my standard xbox controllers set to be recieved by pc.

    My dead Island is PC sorry, and i dont think my xbox has even been connected to a network/internet, so i dont have a xbox live account.
  12. this is what will let you use a xbox 360 controller on a comp
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  13. Yep, thats the one :)