DC of random horses

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  1. Selling one DC of horses (54) with random stats and colors for 2k

    Average speed is ~90, average jump is ~70 and health is ~28

    Colors are random, but most of them are black or creamy
  2. New Year's Eve Bump
  3. I am pretty sure you have to list all horse data (type, speed, jump, etc.) in a horse auction. I may be wrong and these may be allowed.
  4. Yes, you're right, but this is not an auction ;)
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  5. I am blind :p Sorry about that.
  6. Set up a preview chest at 5146 Utopia. Heads up, flight is not allowed there.
  7. Lowered the price guys, please help me get rid of those horses :p
  8. I will pay 25r each. Total 1350r. Don't know if you are willing to go that low.
  9. I was, I actually already gave them all away for free :p
    Requesting the thread to be closed now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.