DC of Quartz Block Giveaway

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  1. Giveaway: One (1) DC of Quartz Blocks
    To enter simply comment your IN GAME NAME on the video below (ON YOUTUBE NOT ON THE FORUMS):https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=L090tA6QBz4

    and I will use a program to assign the comments to a number. I will then use a random number generator to decide the winner. I will proceed to post the youtuber's name and will send them a message on YouTube. If they don't claim their prize or get back to me within 3 days of my contact I will redraw the prize. Entering TWICE will remove you from the name pool. Good Luck :) Deadline is 5:30 EST 5/22/13 or 22/5/13 for you Euro guys and gals.
  2. What if we've already liked the facebook page?

    -edit- this was in response to a former contest entry form where people gots to like the facebook page.
  3. And what if you don't have facebook?
  4. I'll put this on hold to find a secondary entry form.
  5. Biscuit how will you know who is who because alot of us use our IRL name for Facebook.
    nvm, ninjad
  6. You could do the regular random.org way where you choose 1-100 or something and then use random.org to do it.
  7. No I don't want to miss anyone's name and have to see if it was already chosen or have a limit on entrants. Or fill in potentially 500 names.
    Sorry caps
  9. ... read the whole post.THE BOLDED SUPER CAPS LETTERS.
  10. BTW:
    EST= GMT-5 so if you are in GMT time zone then just minus 5 and you have EST :)
  11. Stupid UTube. It will be embeded when it is done loading.
  12. Will you also PM the member on site, I dont check youtube much...
  13. Yes I will.
  14. :D MooCowCrew!
  15. Nick_godoy ! :DD
  16. You have to comment on the YOUTUBE video. If you don't you can't win :(
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  17. If you'd made this the music video of "Never gonna give you up" you totally could have rick rolled the entire forums XD I commented on the video :)