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  1. Items : 1 DC of Paper

    Starting Bid : 400r

    Minimum Bid Increment : 200r

    Auction ends 24 hours after last bid

    Get it while it's here!

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  2. Bump i'd like to see this get higher
  3. A DC of paper and only one person wants it?? That's shocking come on bidders where are you all at?
  4. That's more like it! A nice dc of paper for a New Year woot
  5. Dammmm! Did I miss out! D:
  6. No you haven't missed it. The auction is still open and your bid is valid. :)
  7. Yay :D
  8. Bump for the paper, fishyhiggs is in the lead right now but the next leader could be you!
  9. i win
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  10. who do i pay and where do i pick up
  11. Haha you are the winner. If you bare with me I'll have your chest on 2226 smp1 tomorrow. I just got back from leave so I'll get on the server as soon as possible. Thank you and congrats
  12. EDIT- I am headed right now to put your chest in place it'll be ready in the next 15 mins and you pay shinslist for the amount of 1750 rupees.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.