DC of Netherrack

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    Item: DC of netherrack
    Starting Price: 2.5K (2500r)
    Minimum Increase: 500r
    End Of Auction: 36 hours after first VALID bid
    Collection: At res 9374 in access chest in storage room (signs will guide you to it)
    Delivery: ask for delivery and put an access chest on a chest in your res the netherrack will be in there after i have checked that you have paid (if it takes long i will pay 50r back as an apology)

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  2. How about...
  3. troop53no ur the winner with 3k do u wish to have delivery or collection?
  4. Collection please. I'll be on tomorrow to pay and pick up
  5. ok :) ill put an access sign up and the chest will be in front of you most likely if not i will make signs to guide you (as it said in the auction info)
  6. Paid.
    The access sign needs to be above the chest, not next to it
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  7. all fixed try again :p
  8. Thanks! Items picked up
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  9. thanks for the rupees now for another auction :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.