DC of Hashhog's finest Sweet n' Sour Zombie Blood (Zombie Viruses)

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  1. Item: DC of Zombie Viruses (Not Renamed)
    Starting Bid: 500 rupees
    Minimal Bid Increase: 250 rupees
    End Time: 72 hours after the final bid
    Pickup: SMP4, res 8961, Auction Pickup Room
    Player Credit: This auction would not be possible without Apocryphan. :)

    May the best bidder win! I hope you enjoy drinking those tasty viruses...
  2. Oh, since it won't let me edit my first post, this post is for any other notes on the Viruses that I left out. I will include pics here later...

    Note: The Viruses are not in a single double-chest, they are in two-single chests.
  3. You cannot edit any posts in the auction forum at all, you must get a staff member to do it for you :)
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  4. Bumpsies!
  5. Do you have any idea about how many zombies it takes to make a dc of these? Their lives are worth their weight in pie/muffins/mooshrooms! Bid on dis for da zombays!
  6. Could a staff member please change the starting price to 500, and the minimum bid increase to 250? Thanks!
    Also, even if it is isn't changed by then, this is effective immediately!

    Starting Price: 500
    Minimum Bid Increase: 250

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  7. Bump. I need these rupees guys! And this all is going to a good cause... the SMP4 Project!
  8. Done! :)
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  9. Hurry! Somebody bid! RainbowChin has almost got it in his grasp! The world shall come to an end!
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  10. 1300r
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  11. 1600r
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  12. 2k just cause i can :) ill get bid out later though
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  13. Oops! Forgot to bump! We only have a few hours left! So, do you wanna chug down some zombie viruses or not? ;)
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