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Should I do another DC Glass auction after this one?

Yes! I LOVE AND NEED GLASS!!!! 10 vote(s) 83.3%
No. I have no need for useless glass. 2 vote(s) 16.7%
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  1. Hey everyone. I am Auctioning a DC of glass blocks. Starting bid is 8,000r. Bid increasement is 100r. The auction will end 24 hours after final bid.

    All comments containing bids must include a joke.

    (actually I think the empire auction rules don't allow me to force the joke thing so you don't HAVE to include a joke, but why not put some smiles out there?)
  2. 8k, a horse walks into a bar
  3. 8,100 I think this much glass will be enough to cover the navy breathing helms
  4. Congrats Gamerkidz2002 You are the winner of this auction. The glass will be sold to you for 8,100r. Please reply to this thread saying the time that works best for you to give payment and receive the glass. Please also let me know which smp/res#.
  5. 24th 6:00 mt time zone, I'm not gonna be home until then, and I have school,
  6. Smp7 res 14380, (no edit button)
  7. 7:00 EMC time basically, again, no edit button. I did not expect to win this
  8. What luck! I'm on mountain time too. I am not sure what my availability will be like on the 24th. I am usually working at 6:00. But if you just go ahead and pay me, and leave an "access" chest in your res, I will drop off the glass when I see you've payed me. Not sure if you'd trust me enough to do that, but I will check for your payment as often as I possibly can (which would be every-other day, if not every day)
  9. 8:00 might work. My work schedule is not out yet so I have no idea when I'm working.
  10. So are you still interested in buying the glass? My internet went out for the past week. I will be available nearly any time on the 7th, and 8th of september. After that I will be VERY unavailable due to starting college. I have no idea when my schedule will let me get on. The idea is still up for you paying me when you can, and I leaving an access chest in my res. We can even bring in a staff to watch the situation to make sure neither of us screws the other.

    As for right now, I get off one job at around 6:00am and could get on between 7:00am and 10:eek:oam.
    I wake up around 4:00pm and go to work just before 5:00 so I can get on around 4:00pm-4:30pm.
    I get off from my second job any time between 8:00 and 11:00 so I can be on between 12:00(midnight) and 1:00am.
  11. No, sorry, I don't need it anymore
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