DC of Cake!!

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wjat should i auction next?

dc of zombie virus 6 vote(s) 60.0%
sc of any mobdrop 4 vote(s) 40.0%
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  1. DC of cake
    start bidding by 100 r
    min. bid increment = 100 r
    pick up by ./v luna5NL on smp8
    48 hours after valid bid wins
    if you bid, make sure you have the money. you can't cancel your bod.
    happy bidding!
    (please say it when i forgot something)
  2. 200r
    Why not?

  3. You posted as I was typing, sorry 1,000r

  4. i bid 1,731
  5. I leave the auction i canceled my bids
  6. Otay3931 you can't cancel your bids. please read the rules before you please a bod. for now, i will accept it. if you do this again, i can report it. happy bidding every1!
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  7. You can't cancel your bids. but i docent matter anyway someone bidder after you
  8. 1,900r
  9. 3 more hours to bid before jossytheninja the winner is with 2K
  10. jossytheninja you're the winner with 2K ! come to smp8 to my res
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Not open for further replies.