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  1. price starts at:2,400

    This is a double-chest of BONES.You can make bone-meal and other great things with bones.It can grow all your trees,you can sell to others, and you don't have to go to wild and kill skeletons
  2. Pick up at 8402
  3. when does it end?
  4. in 2 days
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  5. 2400 rupees
  6. floflo120 is in the lead with 2400r
  7. now bushyspecialk is in the lead :)
  8. pls come to smp4 and pay me today 12/12/12 then come to 8402 and pick the dc of bones
  9. From what I have seen, the auction is not over since the thread was posted 24 hours and 32 minutes ago.
  10. When the auction ends?
  11. it ended srry that was a miss right by my bro he didnt understand
  12. i will make 1 more for bones soon
  13. The next time you have an auction be sure to have the timezone and time that it will be ending, not just a date.
  14. okay srry
    do u need any bones (just asking)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.