dc iron mining gear [AUCTION]

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  1. Items:
    12 x iron helmet
    12 x iron Chestplate
    12 x iron leggings
    12 x iron boots
    1 x iron enchanted sword (enchantments bane of arthropods II and looting I)
    1 x iron sword
    1 x iron enchanted pickaxe (enchantments efficiency II silk touch I)
    1 x iron axe
    1 x iron shovel
    1 x iron hoe

    Starting Bid:

    minumun bid increace:

    Bid Ends After:
    24 Hours

  2. This auctioned is invalid.
    An auction with a dublechest must be filled with the same exact thing.
  3. Sorry, but you can't auction non-enchanted items in any amount other than a double chest.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.