DBO Megashop (#1)

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  1. Hello all,
    As most of you know we have won the shop contest with a total of 250 votes combined ( me, belugh and dreamytje). Together we have started a partner ship and made a unique, easy locatable megashop.

    If you want to be a supplier, please contact me OR belugh OR dreamytje .

    The shop is based on 4 floors. We have even calculated the distance between them so there isn't any lag. The basic needs which are wood, construction and minerals are on the first floor. There is a total of 11 rooms:

    -tools and oven
    -wools and dyes
    -spawn eggs
    -plants, leaves and foods
    -Technical equipment
    -Mob drops and meat

    We have our prices online on excel so we can update them and change on all shops. Our future plan (in max 2 months) is to change all our shop designs to this so people can get used to this on smp5-7-9.
    Let me cut it short and I will add pictures so you can see how much effort we put in it and how amazing it is :p
    You will understand when you go to SMP9 19333.


  2. This is AMAZING, but, I am held up with other things and will be unable to get on Minecraft for a while.
  3. Oh ok not a problem at all mate, just check it out when you are able to login :) SMP9 19333
  4. This is gonna be awesome, butI wouldn't be able to afford anything xD. Check my signature for info.
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  5. lol I thought that was 800k club :D but didnt understand why it was dirt :D
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  6. Oleyy, forget MC focus on your new cover!

    Gonna kill you if you don't finish it soon!
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  7. xD nah, just 800 rupees, I'm poor, cuz I've been working on my shop.
  8. Ok man this was already built :D Just found the time to post now :p
  9. I want to apply for supplier. I can supply nearly anything.
  10. o'Kay :)
  11. Looks great, good work. :)
  12. Looks great olley went by their other day love it lol, anyways I would sell you logs right not but changing internet providers and it's Summer
  13. Ok dwight after summer we so do it :p and thanks alex :)
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  14. Haha well do when I mean summer " no school just part time job soo a lot free time" lol
  15. oh I thought like chicks and stuff farming :p
  16. Ooo there is always time for chicks and farming eh late summer early fall
  17. :D
  18. Nice! Can't wait to come check it out :)
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  19. Happy birthday!
  20. We are working on the exact copy at smp5 10101 :)
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