Discussion in 'Gaming' started by sqiggleyjeff, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Ok so i just bought arma II and am downloading the dayZ mod for it and was wondering if anyone would like to play it with me.
  2. I could play with you some time, my Planetside outfit plays every now and then, and we found a server, let us just say we are not "welcomed"

    BTW I would suggest playing in the ARMEX map first, it will let you practice shooting and what not
  3. ok thanks for the tip i'll look for a map with a lot less pvp than i see in most youtube videos
  4. Another rule my outfit plays by is trust no one. A lot of people will not KOS but lure you in, then shoot you.
  5. ill try to stick to myself and go for the towns nobody is at and stay out of sight as much as possible