DAYZ (arma 2 mod)

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  1. Hey guys,
    im thinking of getting arma 2 and the dayz add on, but before i do does anyone here play it? if you do what is your opinion on it?
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  2. buy GW 2!
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  3. IMO: It's a fantastic mod. I can't wait for the standalone and dogs. Unfortunately I can only play it at my friend's house, but I think i'll be buying it after I get WarZ (which is a much better game with its AI, weapons and customization etc. DayZ will be the better game though).
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  4. Don't forget you will need Operation Arrowhead for DayZ too :)
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  5. I might get it if they release it as a stand alone game.
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  6. what is gw2?

    i dont know much about warz whats that like?

    im getting the joint version of steam
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  7. That'll do it.
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  8. I think he is referring to Guild Wars 2.
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  9. Guild wars 2 indeed!
  10. i'm trying to download it, but it is causing me A LOT of trouble.
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  11. i had that problem, use play with six, it does almost everything for you, i will link you the download:

    once you have downloaded it, arma2 combined operations will show up and look through the mods until you find dayz and download it.
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  12. i got arma 2 with like 5 games for $4:98 USD, on sale =D
  13. ^Totally Not A Giant Bump
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  14. ARMA 2 Epoch is my favourite variety of mods. It has base building, more vehicles and everything. The game is just awesome. I play on a pretty large server with some mates. It is more PvP than anything though. We are building a base on an island and have about 6-7 choppers to get between the island and the main land. If you're looking for more of a survival aspect of the game though, I;d stick with vanilla. Epoch is based alot more around establishing a base and gathering a supply of vehicles and weapons.
  15. definatly not
  16. DayZ has definitely got to be my favourite Game/Mod, I advise finding some buddies to play with or teaming up in game and talking on skype, Take advantage of how immersive this game really is!
  17. If you like the mod consider getting the full game granted its in alpha but you'll get the full game without using arma