Days of EMC

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  1. Hey guys I was wondering how many days YOU have played on EMC ^_^. Just type /p <playername> and it tells you how many days you have played on emc, post how many days you have played emc down below.

    Also, I have played 184 days of EMC.
  2. I first signed up 208 days ago
  3. 184 days ago for me :D

    EDIT: lol I joined that same day as Skilled_creeper and Crazy1080 xD
  4. 212 days ago
  5. -.- XD
  6. 159 days for me :)
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  7. 234 days ago. Apparently my login last week was the first time in 146 days.
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  8. I have been here since before this place was EMC. So ... a long time.
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  9. Double digits! 33 days :)
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  10. 233 Days ago.
  11. 234 days ago- I remember when EMC only had a few members and there was peace in the chat bar.Ahhhhh, the good old days.
  12. I miss the Mob arenas that EMC had :p the old days were the fun days ^.^ but at that time I didn't realize how fast EMC was growing but now that I look at it all I can say is "WOAH"
  13. I've only been here for 26 days. I always seem to discover awesome things really late in the game. :p