Day Z help

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by bitemenow15, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. i really want to play the mod/standalone but currently lack the funds to do either.

    so in this thread i would like anyone who has played it to review it for me, maybe tell me some tricks or funny stories, really get me into it.

    this way when i convince one of my steam friends to donate it to me i wont feel like a scrub :(

    also here is my desktop :)
  2. Not sure if this will help, but here you go:
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  3. I've been following Dayz for a while, and have enjoyed nearly every moment of it on the mod.. The standalone is a little bleak right now but I expect within a few more months it will be a lot better. Save up for the standalone ;)
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  4. I can never find any good servers to play and when I do, the controls are way too fiddly for me. My computer, since about November, has also been overheating so I get intense amounts of lag on games I shouldn't, and sadly DayZ is in this list, so it is barely playable for me :(
  5. so ive had dayz for about 6 months now, not standalone, arma2 one, and ive loved it, im saving up for standalone now but its not too great right now, but it will get better soon, with arma2 dayz theres alone more varients like 2017, tavina, dayz+ origins, ect its alot of fun and ive enjoyed it alot
  6. Dat desktop background is just awesome!