David Cameron thinks the death of Osama Bin Laden was a tragedy.

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  1. Anyones death is a tragedy IMO, even if I do not agree with what they have done.
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  2. Why is this in 'Products, Businesses, and Services'? :confused:
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  4. This is the reason why I dislike the death penalty and support its abolition (I didn't 5 or 6 months ago, though :p). Its fighting fire with fire... which doesn't work.
    When he did this, I tried really hard to find something he said that could be taken out of context. I found this video before on NerdCubed's Twitter and had to share it :p
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  5. I'm personally against death penalty as well, but not just because I think people deserve a second chance or something. There's something about giving the government, basically a giant faceless organization that controls people's life whether they agree with it or not, the authority to take away someone's life that scares the hell outta me. It's practically the same as a killing machine.
    If a person kills someone that said person will be held accountable for his acts; if the government kills a person and that person is later found innocent, who is there to blame? The machine? The employee pressing its buttons (judge, attorneys)?
    And don't even get me started on a government that cannot be held accountable for war crimes killing someone in another country and no one being able to do a thing about it...

    (Indeed, why is this in business?)
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  6. I was gonna say, this is definitely taken out of context, you can tell because of the length of the video.
  7. It is a tragedy, though! So many missed opportunities.
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  8. According to the guys who assassinated him, they didn't have time to be fancy about it ;)
  9. Well to me there's a point of no return and win u kill ppl in the name of your god wich to me no god wold say to go kill ppl who dont beleve in me that's past the point on no return and in to the point of something being done and for 2 all ppl have a chance to do right a chance to do good or bad and it's up to them on wich thay chews and I'm not for any 1 to die and I do agree with birosquinha 100% but l hope we all mankind wold chews to do good ....... Soo let's all do some good and spreed the good :) .... And y is this even on the forums lol
  10. Because the forums are a place to share things. It's not just a Minecraft forum.

    If you're talking about it being under the Empire Economy sub-forum, I have no idea lol.
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  11. lol, so there was a project that was started a while back against the death penalty where they showed a photographical representation of the so-called "last meal" that death row inmates supposedly receive just before their executions. Its sad to say that many of them eat better than a lot of people even without the last meal entree.. Not to mention, how many conspiracy theorists claim that there is extreme lack of evidence that Osama bin Laden was even executed, quoting that Islamic Law required them to drop the body in the ocean. I also recently got a chuckle on youtube when I happened to watch a video that claimed that Osama bin Laden was not dead, that he was placed in Witness Protection which gave him a new identity by the name of Barrack Hussein Obama.. And even went so far as providing (Probably doctored) images of both and doing prographical analysis that showed they were the same person.. xD
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  12. That's bull crap. We all know that Obama is an emissary of our reptilian Illuminati big government overlords, and Bin Laden is Elvis' third reincarnation.
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