Dat new town spawn

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  1. So Smp9 has a new town spawn. Cool. 2013-11-06_04.12.33.png
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  2. Looks interesting
  3. Coming on to check right now. Disco is still alive!
  4. It's GameKribJim's new "Interactive Spawn Floor"
  5. Then apple will come out with the "iFloor" and it will be twice as much but sleeker and have rounded corners.

    EDIT: And will come with apples fingerprint scanner but designed for foot. NSA be like "dat foot print"
  6. Yeah. The 'iFloor' will scan your footprints as you walk on it, which will all be sent to NSA.
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  7. Don't forget the release of the iFloor Mini, released a few days later, making the first iFloor completely obsolete.
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  8. iFloor Air "As if you're walking on nothing."
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  9. iFloor Pro "As if you are walking on solid foundations"
  10. The new iFloor. You've never walked on anything like this before.
  11. The new new iFloor. Because your old one which is just as good isn't as pretty.
  12. EMC, making new products for Apple since now
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