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  1. Well ugh hello everybody i didnt post a lot ina while.Now i got a problem i want to ask you guys n girl s about... Since this morning, i have a biig headache, aand throwing up.What should i do with it? (except seeing a doctor) thanks for reading and thanks for your anwser, if you leave one
  2. Drink lots of water and sleep.
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  3. Why is seeing a doctor not an option?
  4. Pie.

    But seriously, what kells recommended. Lots o' rest. Maybe not watching TV or on the Computer, listening to calm music hmm?

  5. Muffins. Pies are lies, and can make you die.
    For real, stay home, drink lots of water, have a bucket next to you at all times, and stay near a bathroom, while in a room with TV.
  6. Muffins give you implosive diarrhea.
  7. Yeah, so Empire Minecraft might not be the best place to be looking for medical advice......you could try WebMD, ask your parents, or maybe see an actual doctor? Or wait it out and do what was said above.
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  8. Pfft cause they're evil obviously
  9. There might actually be people here that know about these sorts of things, Krysyyjane works with dead things so maybe she could help. She knows medical stuffs

    He'd probably get the wrong medicine because of the doctors handwriting.
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  10. because im going to do it alreay so it would be silly recommending the same
  11. SCP-049...
  12. dead things? i think thats a bit early for me...
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  13. yeah about that, i do have a tv, just no signal, i dont really watch that, just too many stupidity aired in my country... thanks tho
  14. ok, go into your car and ride around in circles while reading a book and playing a game on a 3DS where the camera view is very sporadic, while, at the same time, looking out the window; and then go home and play EMC with your video settings on sensitivity-hyper speed, and FOV-quaker pro, and also use the f8 button while proceeding to sprint in circles while spinning around in a rolling chair. lastly, play some dizzy bat and eat as much pudding as u can!

    ur welcome XD

    Shady manatee says: *BLECHHHHH* Aww, dat's nasty, man. Ugh, I can see chunks 'a' *insert manatee food here* 'n' seaweed and stuff in there! Aww man, use a pot or somethin' next time!
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  15. that's usually what happens when your dehydrated. try eating some food and drink some water and if you throw up go to your doctor/the hospital immediately. I had to get put on da sugar drip for 48hrs
  16. I'm just saying, kry knows about stuff like this, diseases and stuff.
    Buy dead things I mean 'dead animal parts'